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LED Spotlights

Nina Terry recently installed 3mm LEDs into a Bespaq Bar. These were a custom order specifically designed for her bar, using 3mm warm white LEDs and lens clips to look like little downlights, all powered by a 3v AAA battery kit. As you can see the results were very successful.

I also supplied a similar lighting kit to Hazel Rayfield of Art In Wax and she has used the lights in her modern art gallery to display her miniature paintings. You can read about it in her blog. Art In Wax Blog - Grand Opening of The Gallery.

I have written a tutorial on my blog to show how to install spotlights in a room box or dolls house room and you can read that by clicking on the link. Tutorial - Installing LED Spotlights in a room box

Bespaq Bar with 3mm LED spotlights Art In Wax Modern Art Gallery with 3mm LED spotlights

1/48th (Quarter) Scale Lighting Kits

Peta Pendlebury sent me this photo of her 1/48th (quarter) scale Watermill by Geoff Lewis in which she installed one of my 1/48th lighting kits. I made a custom kit with only 4 warm white nano LEDs. The watermill was on display at Chester Cathedral recently and the lights were on continuously for 6 days with one set of batteries which is pretty impressive. They were dimmer by the end but it just shows how efficient these little LEDs are.

Quarter scale Watermill lit with 1/48th Lighting Kit

Spotlights in a 1/12th scale shop window

Janet Reading sent me these photos of her 1/12th (inch) scale toy shop window. I made up a kit with 4 x 3mm warm white LEDs and clear LED clips run off a 3v AAA battery box. As you can see in the second photo, they have been installed into the sides of the shop window to create nice even lighting over the whole window which is both neat and unobtrusive. Similar kits are available here: Spotlight Kits or you can ask for a custom kit

Twelfth scale shop window with spotlight kit Twelfth scale shop window showing lighting

LED Strip Lights

Maretta Maclean has made an unusual miniature room - a dentists surgery! She contacted me before Christmas to ask if it was possible to reproduce strip lights and sent me an image of what she was looking for. I suggested using flexible LED strips with plain/white vellum over the top to act as both a diffuser and to create the strip light effect. Maretta sent me two photos of the lights she created and I'm sure you'll agree that it takes close inspection to tell this isn't a proper real life room! This is with the basic shell of the room. All the furniture is still to be added back in. These are made using warm white 6 LED strips run off a 9v battery. Bright white will also work well.

LED strip lights in Dark Island Dentists Surgery LED strip lights in Dark Island Dentists Surgery

1/24th Scale Room Box lit with Nano LED

Karen Steenson bought one of the market stall lighting kits containing a nano LED directly wired to a 3v coin cell battery. She has used the kit to light a 1/24th scale room box as shown below, both unlit and lit.

Unlit half scale room box Lit interior of half scale room box

Christmas Toy Shop with Coloured Light String

Ben Edmond had a toy shop with coloured lights powered by a transformer which he wanted replacing with battery powered lights and also lighting for the interior of the shop. Ben wanted a Christmas feel to his shop so I made a string of 3mm coloured LEDs in red, green and blue and provided two warm white 3mm LEDs which he used to light the interior. The LEDs are powered by a 2xAAA battery box.

String of coloured lights on a toy shop Lit interior of toy shop

Christmas Kits - A Window Display

Hazel Rayfield of Art In Wax who made the art gallery in 2013 (see above) has used one of my 1/48th scale kits as a display in her 1/12th scale gallery window. It looks fantastic!

1/48th scale reindeer and sleigh kit in gallery window 1/48th scale reindeer and sleigh kit in gallery window

Christmas Kits - Rudolph and Santa's Sleigh

Clive sent me this photo of the 1/48th scale Reindeer & Sleigh kit he bought. It looks fantastic as part of this festive scene and the backdrop his wife wendy made finishes it off really nicely.

Also pictured is a collaboration I did with Kirsten Miller of Quernus Crafts who made an adorable Santa Mouse on a cushion to sit inside a special custom sized sleigh.

1/48th scale reindeer and sleigh kit in festive scene Reindeer and sleigh kit with Santa Mouse

LED Spotlights - A scratch built dolls house and a dolls house kitchen

Rob bought two large room box spotlight kits for the scratch build dolls house he's building for his daughter. He sent me this photo when he had installed the lights in the ground floor rooms and I'm sure you'll agree that the result is impressive, as is the dolls house with a very nice grand staircase. I'm sure Rob's daughter will be delighted with the finished dolls house. All the LEDs are powered by 2 x AAA battery kits.


Eve bought a spotlight kit for her kitchen in her dolls house. She had made a false wall at the back for the scullery which is lit separately and then the 6 spotlights light the front kitchen area. The spotlights are powered from a 12v regulated transformer with clear lens clips.

Scratch built dolls house with 3mm LED spotlight kits Kitchen with 3mm LED spotlights

Kitchen LED Lighting

I was recently asked for advice on using LEDs for various lights in a 1/12th scale kitchen. Orsi Skulteti of Orsi's Miniatures has made a replica of the kitchen from the BBC TV series "Sherlock". I supplied 3mm wide angle, bright white LEDs with enamel coated wire for the ceiling and under cabinet tube lights, a 3mm wide angle, warm white LED for the false window and 2 warm white nano chip LEDs for the fridge. All powered by 2 x AAA battery kits. The results were very successful as you can see below. The kitchen has been featured in the Spanish miniature magazine "Miniaturas" and will also be featured in the British "Dolls House & Miniatures Scene" magazine shortly.

221b Kitchen with LED lighting 221b Kitchen close up of 3mm wideangle LEDs in tube lights 221b Kitchen Fridge with two Nano chip LEDs

Flexible strips for Room Box Lighting

If you're not sure what to do with flexible strip LEDs perhaps you can gain some inspiration from Barbara Adair who has used several of the 12 volt strips to light her shop room boxes. The photo below shows 6 LED, bright white flexible strips being used for her scent shop.

Scent Shop with Flexible strip LED lighting

Lighting a scene with LEDs

Mary Cohen took part in an online workshop I offered through the Minis4ALL Yahoo group. She used the techniques she learnt and lights she made to light this scene of Myah the fortuneteller. There is a floor lamp in the corner and the crystal ball is lit with an LED, both run off a 3v battery.

Fortunteller scene with LED lighting Myah with lit crystal ball

Modern / Art Deco Fireplace

Katrina Ward bought a Modern Working Fireplace Kit - "Kit was easy to build .. the light the LED gives out is great"

Brian Jarret also bought a Modern Working Fireplace for his Art Deco dolls house.

Modern Working Fireplace Kit Art Deco Working Fireplace Kit