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Specialists in Modern Miniatures and LED lighting for dolls house projects and smaller scales

Custom Designs

I am often asked for custom made miniatures. Below are a couple of projects I completed recently. If you would like your own custom design, please contact me by e-mail using the link below.
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A Playground for Polymer Clay Mice

Kirsten Miller of Quernus Crafts commisioned me to make a 1/24th scale playground for her polymer clay mice. I made a swing, see-saw and slide and set the slide into a grass mound to add variation and height to the layout. I will update the photos when Kirsten has made the mice.

Half scale swing

Half scale see-saw

Half scale grass mound with slide

Half scale playground with slide, swing and see-saw

Bespoke LED Lighting Solutions

Nina Terry recently installed 3mm LEDs into a Bespaq Bar. These were a custom order specifically designed for her bar, using 3mm warm white LEDs and lens clips to look like little downlights, all powered by a 3v AAA battery kit. As you can see the results were very successful.

Bespaq Bar with 3mm LED downlights

Bespaq Bar with 3mm LED downlights